Friday, December 31, 2010

1st day in year 2011

Where are u going and what have u done in 1st day in 2011?

I choose to attend my good friend - cc's ROM


working out in gym room early in the morning.
Hehe. Just to keep myself fresh in 1st day of 2011.

Enjoy new year!!

Thursday, December 30, 2010


我想我们应该开心, 因为我们还活着。
回顾2010年,多么天灾人祸, 我们还能活着,我们可是幸运的!

还是那一句, 活着真好,好好的珍惜生命!

Last day in year 2010

Gym now early in the morning 9:31am. Still thinking how to plan for year 2011.

Read thru my plan 2010. How many things I had clear??

Yes, done the jobs below:
1) Bkk trip in feb
2) ROM
3) medical checking in aug (rest for 2weeks)
4) Aus trip in sept
5) Bkk trip again in Nov

beside all this things, I still thinking what else I have done in year 2010.

Ok, we have to move forward. Plan for year 2011.
Must set goal and must complete this time. :)