Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Lunch with Jessy on last saturday, she gave me a birthday present. And, asked me to open it in front of her. So, when i opened it, its a lovely angel (christmas tree deco),I am wondering why she will buy me an angel? You know how she answer me? She explained to me. Recently there are lots of unhappy things happened on me, so, she decided to buy me this angel as birthday gif. She wish that this angel will blessing me and giving me guidance all time! So touching!! Thats why i said angel beside me!


Monday, December 22, 2008


Last week, i received a parcel from Sdyney. I am thinking who is sending me a huge parcel. After a second, i think about Christine. She told me the parcel in on the way to my home. Then, when i opened the parcel. I was so touching. Keep on crying! Its handicraft clock. My god! its was so nice. Its 100% handmade by my beloved Christine! So touching!

我要谢谢慧慧亲手制作的礼物!!谢谢你, 慧慧!! 谢谢你在我最需要你时, 给以支持!

KLCC night view

After dinner with ah Ling & Henry, when the time i'm driving back from Jalan Ampang. I saw the KLCC. Its looks so amazing. So, just wind down the window. And, do a snapshot! I am wondering KLCC twin tower are so beautiful in the night time.

Dinner at Mojo, Heritage road

last week,A ling & me went to an Italian restaurant name MOJO, herritage road nearby the Hotel Imperial. As we know, she is a Italian food's mania. Half way, Henry fong joined us for dinner. we have ordered carbonara & BBQ chicken chop. And, Henry ordered Salmon steak. The foods looks so tempting. But, we feel its just normal stuff. But, Henry said that his salmon steak was so nice. We didnt try it.
We do really enjoy the dessert. We ordered the brownie wth vanilla ice cream & the appricot shortbread. It was so so so so yummy! You guys must try it! So delicous.
Total bill rm150 for 3 person. Quite reasonable.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

baby pork @ bangkok

one nite, Wai Loon bring me & canice to those street food stall. Just wanna try the baby pork. You guys will never know how khun Thai (Thai people) eat baby pork.

1st step : Eat the pork's skin

2nd step: after u finished the skin, they will come over and ask you what do wanna do with the pork? how to cook?

3rd step: we ordered black pepper style.

the taste is quite nice. The pork's skin is so crispy. u guys must try!

my earing's collection

hehe, this is the my latest earring's collection...its just nice....big and sparkling! I found that Thai girls love those earring with bling bling diamond and the size must be BIG BIG! I found this in those small small road stall..