Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Gorgeous wedding cakes to share with

Just wanted to share some nice cakes with all of u. U can have a look on the website.

Small Small Strawberry....

i really love a small small icons like this..it describe everything....Just married!!(How can a strawberry transform to a pair of couples?) haha

Cup cakes? wedding cakes?

I cannot believe that cup cake can become a wedding cake...its so cute...i think this is really save lots of cost!! haha....i think this is a cheaper way to have a wedding cake....Its a very good idea!!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Another fabric flower

Its really nice piece. Made by fabric.

Dolciodille - Nice art piece!!

Nice handcraft's blogspot to share with...

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Red Ballon

my god, love this so much!!

Wedding website to share with

I think i will prefer this concept for my pre-wedding shooting...

Nice Article to share with

Wanted to share this article to all of u..

10 simple fashion tips for women.

Wanted to share the article - 10 fashion tips for women

Just wanted to share the article for all of u.

10 simple fashion tips for women

sometimes, we are just too care about the fashion. Blindly follow the fashion trend, without looking what is supposed suitable for us. Keep follow fsahion trend...

Friday, January 1, 2010

Plans for year 2010

My Plans in year 2010 as below:

- travelling to BKK
- set up beelie-k.com with beelie & rachel..
- started to do online marketing for freeasy bridal shop

- register with my love
- celebrate CNY with lat leis...
- and, might be going to BKK again with chong & hui hui

- might be travelling to Bali or Dubai...either one. still not comfirm yet.
(i dunno whether i got so many leaves in year 2010)

Apr - Aug
- still didnt pick the right date for wedding dinner...
(but, it gonna be within this period)

Aug - Sept
- will be travelling to Melb & Sdyney with lat lei again, to visit our Pretty king - hui hui. It gonna be at least 10 days vacation out there.
(if not, hui hui will kill all of us as we have been talking about this for few years)We can stay in hui hui's bangalow in Sdyney. Hows lovely?? hahaha

New Year - New Wishes - HEALTHY LIFE 2010

Today is the 1st day of year 2010. So, what is yr wish? or wishes? Chat with Ling just now, she wanted to start her web biz. God bless her & wish her luck!!

Everybody should have their own wishes, and i am greedy, i want to do a lot of things, i want our website can earn money, i want our bridal shop can earn money. haha. I know that i am greedy. The most priority is i want to have a healthy life and healthy body.


Another Favourite Piece

They called it Horizon Black & White Strip.....How is it? Weird again? hahaha....I got a special taste...

My Favourite

Actually, i personally love this 2 items the most...hehe, i dont know other plp taste le...Dont u think that its a very special piece??? ahaha, i know myself, i love special & "weird" things...

New Launch of OZ Online boutique

Its unbelievable.

Finally, i have set up an OZ online boutique with hui hui and Tammy on 25th dec 2009. Hahaha...its been talking since 2007. But, there are no action from hui hui & me. Ended up, we been pushed so hard by Tammy. Done everything within 3 weeks.

We send our compliment to our leader - Tammy. Without u, the website cannot be done within the period. Salute!! Another one is ah Ling & her programmers - thanks for solving all the website problems for us & working day and nite to complete our requirement! Again Salute! Thanks again to our lovely desinger from UK - Karen & another designer in Msia - Tee. Salute Again!!

Stocking, Sourcing, Snap photos, Testing the website, deal with Designer. Hahaha...We 3 gals have spent so many nights for doing this website. Its really "ada blood, ada tears"!!

Finally its done.

Teng, teng, teng, teng!!!

pls come to visit anytime, and shop with us anytime!!