Friday, December 31, 2010

1st day in year 2011

Where are u going and what have u done in 1st day in 2011?

I choose to attend my good friend - cc's ROM


working out in gym room early in the morning.
Hehe. Just to keep myself fresh in 1st day of 2011.

Enjoy new year!!

Thursday, December 30, 2010


我想我们应该开心, 因为我们还活着。
回顾2010年,多么天灾人祸, 我们还能活着,我们可是幸运的!

还是那一句, 活着真好,好好的珍惜生命!

Last day in year 2010

Gym now early in the morning 9:31am. Still thinking how to plan for year 2011.

Read thru my plan 2010. How many things I had clear??

Yes, done the jobs below:
1) Bkk trip in feb
2) ROM
3) medical checking in aug (rest for 2weeks)
4) Aus trip in sept
5) Bkk trip again in Nov

beside all this things, I still thinking what else I have done in year 2010.

Ok, we have to move forward. Plan for year 2011.
Must set goal and must complete this time. :)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

little coca cola from my hubby ^-^

another souvenir which he get from abu dhabi. Cutie coca cola...u can see written arabian words in the coke's can.

birthday cupcakes for my elder sister and my mum

I bought some cupcakes as birthday cake for both my elder sister and my mum. I personally quite enjoy eating this. But, unfortunately, most of them dont like it as they said the cupcakes were too sweet for them.

ok, next time i stick to traditional birthday cake instead...:P

Thursday, April 15, 2010

my hubby favourite ^^ Starbuck

he bought this for me from abu dhabi. its look cute. so tiny.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mum + Big Sister's birthday (11 April 2010)

Actually, its my sister birthday. But, becos of my mum travelled to china on her birthday on 2nd april. So, we celebrate both of their birthday on 11 april.

haha, what we having on tat nite? we booked a table in ampang restaurant. taken "poon choi". What is "poon choi"?? If i m not mistaken, its come from HK, china. and, they love to put everything into the pale "poon". We keep counting how many dishes in the plate. 1) abalone,2) chinese mushroom, 3)roaster duck, 4) steam chicken, 5) siu pak choy (vege), 6) scallop, 7) hou si (dry mussel), 8) fu pei (dry tofu skin), 9) pork with yam, 10)prawn...etc....i cant remember...

luckily, we didnt order other dishes...if not, we gonna waste the food...even total 12 of us...still cannot finish mum still wanna take away the food(left over)...u can imagine how big for the portion? haha

Anyway, happy birthday to my mum n sister....

Monday, April 12, 2010

Lovely custom made card

i had ordered 2 cards from Joey. yup, some people told me its costly. But, when u received that cards, u will think its worth. Why i say so? Just thinking this: how long u didnt receive card?? especially birthday card or greeting card?? Nowaday, people love to send e-card, becos of time saving or becos of eco friendly. But for me, i still prefer receiving card. haha:P

Just wanna share with u, all the photos below. When i received cards from Joey, Three Blind Mice design, i quickly snap the photos. She is so kind, she wrapped so many bubble wrapper, just to protect my lovely cards. haha..i love it so much...

So, who is the owner for both cards? One for my lovely hubby - Chye. another one for our lovely april fool baby - Crystal Choo...our sugar....

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Date of Registration : 23.2.2010

Finally, i registered with my love one on 23 february 2010. I felt so excited and nervous few days before the DOR. But, i still sign the "paper" and become "married" woman. hahaha...doesnt expect so early to get married.....

I have no more nervous now. Becoming mrs. Chong is really great. Chong really treat me good. And, i have no regret on it. Hehe..he will never know that i love him so much..

haha...look at my "gam cheong" hubby...i think he is more excited than me..

Bangkok Trip in February 2010

Wooow...finally, me & christine travelling to bangkok in february 2010. For only 4 days 3 nights. Yeah, its crazy shopping trip. We been shopping for whole 4 days..and done massage for 2 nights..really tiring trip...we woke up very early in the morning and back to hotel in tired...

We are really enjoy for the whole trip as Christine is a good negotiator. She loves to bargain and really enjoy the process. hahaha...And, we shopped in Chatuchak..She really spent lots of money out there..And, i also bought my lovely hairbands and invitation cards for ji mui (special one).

You can see our luggages in the photos. haha. We only bring one empty bag to Bangkok and back with 4 full luggages bags...Crazy one...

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Gorgeous wedding cakes to share with

Just wanted to share some nice cakes with all of u. U can have a look on the website.

Small Small Strawberry....

i really love a small small icons like describe everything....Just married!!(How can a strawberry transform to a pair of couples?) haha

Cup cakes? wedding cakes?

I cannot believe that cup cake can become a wedding cake...its so cute...i think this is really save lots of cost!! haha....i think this is a cheaper way to have a wedding cake....Its a very good idea!!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Another fabric flower

Its really nice piece. Made by fabric.

Dolciodille - Nice art piece!!

Nice handcraft's blogspot to share with...

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Red Ballon

my god, love this so much!!

Wedding website to share with

I think i will prefer this concept for my pre-wedding shooting...

Nice Article to share with

Wanted to share this article to all of u..

10 simple fashion tips for women.

Wanted to share the article - 10 fashion tips for women

Just wanted to share the article for all of u.

10 simple fashion tips for women

sometimes, we are just too care about the fashion. Blindly follow the fashion trend, without looking what is supposed suitable for us. Keep follow fsahion trend...

Friday, January 1, 2010

Plans for year 2010

My Plans in year 2010 as below:

- travelling to BKK
- set up with beelie & rachel..
- started to do online marketing for freeasy bridal shop

- register with my love
- celebrate CNY with lat leis...
- and, might be going to BKK again with chong & hui hui

- might be travelling to Bali or Dubai...either one. still not comfirm yet.
(i dunno whether i got so many leaves in year 2010)

Apr - Aug
- still didnt pick the right date for wedding dinner...
(but, it gonna be within this period)

Aug - Sept
- will be travelling to Melb & Sdyney with lat lei again, to visit our Pretty king - hui hui. It gonna be at least 10 days vacation out there.
(if not, hui hui will kill all of us as we have been talking about this for few years)We can stay in hui hui's bangalow in Sdyney. Hows lovely?? hahaha

New Year - New Wishes - HEALTHY LIFE 2010

Today is the 1st day of year 2010. So, what is yr wish? or wishes? Chat with Ling just now, she wanted to start her web biz. God bless her & wish her luck!!

Everybody should have their own wishes, and i am greedy, i want to do a lot of things, i want our website can earn money, i want our bridal shop can earn money. haha. I know that i am greedy. The most priority is i want to have a healthy life and healthy body.


Another Favourite Piece

They called it Horizon Black & White Strip.....How is it? Weird again? hahaha....I got a special taste...