Thursday, September 27, 2012

Guess what is Marcus holding?

No, no, no....This is not a pen. Guess what is he holding now???
Its a pen made by Abalone ......New dishes presented by Macau restaurant.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Baby holds bottle

Gossip baby didnt hold nicely. Trying to look around while feeding.

Nishiki market 錦市場 - Nice place to eat!

We have arranged our family trip on this september 2012. And, we managed to book a cheap ticket from Airasia last year. Yes, take total 1 year to plan for our trip.
When we landed to Kansai Airport, we straight away take a shutter bus to Ryokan in Kyoto. So, after we check in to the Ryokan, the first station we reached is Nishiki Market, the original wet market of Kyoto.
front view of the nishiki market

so fresh fruits everywhere

this is the vege which make Wasabi

fresh sashimi can be get in the market

middle of the street

lots of food testing

keep tasting...hahaha

handmade kipas shop


the temple beside nishiki market

I have spent about rm200 in Nishiki market, maybe we are too hungry (cos we just landed and rush to Kyoto from Kansai airport) and too curious about their local foods. We keep on buying and tasting their foods. Their sashimi are so fresh. Strongly recommend u to pay a visit to Nishiki market, if u want to know hows Japan's wet market look alike. Trust me, its so clean (wasnt dirty like Msia's Pasar pagi) Don't worry! :)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Expenses to Universal Studio, Osaka

Expenses to universal studio, osaka

Just share with u all the rough idea how much u gonna spend in Universal Studio.
1) taking public transport - ¥500x2 ways (¥1,000)
2) entrance fees - ¥6,400
(u can claim ¥200 discount if able to redempt voucher from Osaka 2 days pass)
3) goodie towel set - ¥2,800
4) signature cartoon headbend - ¥1,000
5) set lunch - ¥1,200 (with drinks)
6) drinks from vending machine - ¥200
7) ice cream - ¥390 (especially in this hot season)

Total expenses : ¥12,990
** excluded souvenier - (U can easily spend up to ¥10,000 as just a simple headbend already cost u ¥1,000)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Baby in walker 2

Busy baby with his new toy.:P

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Baby holds bottle

Baby was kacau by mother, and he was thinking "shall i continue suck?" hahaha

Monday, September 10, 2012

Shopping wish list - September 2012

Will u spend RM160,000 on watches? and, this Rolex costs about RM160k. Omg, wonder who is afford to buy?

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Baby & Kid Recipe - Papaya Yogurt

嬰幼兒營養食譜 - 木瓜乳酪 (適合4-8個月嬰兒)


  • 細木瓜1/4
  • 嬰兒乳酪1 (大型超級市場有售)


  1. 方法非常簡單,只需將木瓜去皮、去籽,用木棍壓爛,待用。
     2. 食用時把木瓜和乳酪拌勻即可。

Yogurt Pepaya (cocok untuk bayi usia 4-8 bulan)

Bahan: 1/4 Pepaya

        1 gelas Yogurt untuk bayi (bisa dibeli disupermarket)


1.       Caranya sangat mudah, kupas pepaya, diiris dadu, buang bijinya, gunakan kayu sejenis ulek untuk menghancurkan daging pepaya tersebut, siap untuk digunakan

2.       pepaya dan yogurt diulek /blender kemudian disajikan


Baby & Kid Recipe - Papaya Yogurt


  • 1/4 small papaya
  • 1 cup baby yogurt (can be found in big supermarkets)



  1. Very simple. Unpeel papaya and scoop out seeds. Mash with a mashing bowl and wood mashing stick to purée. Leave for later use.
  2. Mix papaya and yogurt when serve.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Do you like a Tag?

Yes, This is Tag. Was going to Hour Glass on last week. Tried both watches there. Quite like the watch in black, but a bit too heavy and too pricy for me, it costs about RM15,000 (before discount). Dont u feel that its too big???
Nearly buy this watch, ya, i like this quite simple and plain. But, my hb said why dont use that money to eat. hahahhaa. Cost about RM9,990. (before discount)
At last, i didnt buy any of them, as im leaving to Japan this month and unable to jerk up another few k to buy this. Sorry, ya i know their price increased on September. But, really no money ah!! :P

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Baby learns to hold bottle

Its fun to see baby holding bottles. Bad mummy forced baby to hold bottle by himself.
hehe :P

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Giveaway - Barbie Dress

* Ends on 9th September 2012, 10pm AEST
Terms & Conditions:
1) Winners and colour of the dress will be determined at BNT's discreation.
2) Overseas participants are welcome to Giveaway campaign. Free domestic shipping only. Overseas shipping is borned by overseas winners.
3) No return or exchange is allowed.

Just click this link below:!/photo.php?fbid=490847240944582&set=a.490833384279301.126277.100000579310695&type=1&theater

Baby learns to crawl

See how the 7 months baby crawling. Still in learning stage ya. :P