Wednesday, April 21, 2010

little coca cola from my hubby ^-^

another souvenir which he get from abu dhabi. Cutie coca cola...u can see written arabian words in the coke's can.

birthday cupcakes for my elder sister and my mum

I bought some cupcakes as birthday cake for both my elder sister and my mum. I personally quite enjoy eating this. But, unfortunately, most of them dont like it as they said the cupcakes were too sweet for them.

ok, next time i stick to traditional birthday cake instead...:P

Thursday, April 15, 2010

my hubby favourite ^^ Starbuck

he bought this for me from abu dhabi. its look cute. so tiny.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mum + Big Sister's birthday (11 April 2010)

Actually, its my sister birthday. But, becos of my mum travelled to china on her birthday on 2nd april. So, we celebrate both of their birthday on 11 april.

haha, what we having on tat nite? we booked a table in ampang restaurant. taken "poon choi". What is "poon choi"?? If i m not mistaken, its come from HK, china. and, they love to put everything into the pale "poon". We keep counting how many dishes in the plate. 1) abalone,2) chinese mushroom, 3)roaster duck, 4) steam chicken, 5) siu pak choy (vege), 6) scallop, 7) hou si (dry mussel), 8) fu pei (dry tofu skin), 9) pork with yam, 10)prawn...etc....i cant remember...

luckily, we didnt order other dishes...if not, we gonna waste the food...even total 12 of us...still cannot finish mum still wanna take away the food(left over)...u can imagine how big for the portion? haha

Anyway, happy birthday to my mum n sister....

Monday, April 12, 2010

Lovely custom made card

i had ordered 2 cards from Joey. yup, some people told me its costly. But, when u received that cards, u will think its worth. Why i say so? Just thinking this: how long u didnt receive card?? especially birthday card or greeting card?? Nowaday, people love to send e-card, becos of time saving or becos of eco friendly. But for me, i still prefer receiving card. haha:P

Just wanna share with u, all the photos below. When i received cards from Joey, Three Blind Mice design, i quickly snap the photos. She is so kind, she wrapped so many bubble wrapper, just to protect my lovely cards. haha..i love it so much...

So, who is the owner for both cards? One for my lovely hubby - Chye. another one for our lovely april fool baby - Crystal Choo...our sugar....